Hello! I'm John

Working to prevent loneliness and isolation in our communities & prisons.

Poem: The New Boy

I went to prison yesterday
Walked straight in, and right away
I noticed men walking around,
As if they had no sense of sound.

They all were wide awake, and yet
Their faces lacked a smile, and
When I joined them in a chat
They responded “what is that” ?

What could it be, I asked myself,
That these men were not themselves ?
I thought and thought, and thought again
Could it be they’ve lost their reason

Or even perhaps their self belief
For deep inside, they are all still men,
Some with families, mums and dads
Some wondering, am I doomed to be sad ?

I chatted on, and to my delight,
A conversation came of right.
They had opinions, knowledge, love
All they really missed was chat.

For in that group, where little changes
Day by day they re-arrange the thoughts that live within their brains.
And when I joked along with them,
Well, what do you know, they laughed again.