Hello! I'm John

Working to prevent loneliness and isolation in our communities & prisons.

Poem: Family Pleasure

Today is Saturday, family day, when I get to see my children again.
My wait has been long, over two years, and yet, the day is now,
Do I have a regret ?
Well yes I do, that addiction was new, but drugs ? Oh no
That was a long time ago.

My partner is long gone, but my children are not,
Princess, Thomas, Sandy and spot
Will they remember the good times we had
When money was there and nothing was bad ?

When family holidays were a regular thing,
Birthdays and Christmas, presents and things.
The irony is it was me that did wrong,
But my kids did nothing, so why are they punished
In this way, torn apart, and their lives, not a good start.

And can I make it better soon ? If I could I’d be over the moon.
In seven years I’ll get out of here,
And my princess will be in her teenage year.
Will they forgive, I really hope so,
But my biggest fear is the answer is No.

But today is a very special day, oh bring it on is all I say
Six hours with them, not spot ( he’s gone )
Dogs don’t really live very long.
What shall we say, oh what a day, it is so special in every way.

Of course the carer will be there, my children may be at risk
But who cares ? For if this crime is so wrong, why doesn’t society,
Stop the trade ?  Why not treat addicts, reduce demand,
Create a place where no one is harmed.
A better place for me and my kids,
Where life is more than short visits.